Like a Fillum



Do ye member that Saturday night we went t-see a fillum an just like that song says it didn’t matter what fillum we saw but we went t-see Titanic an it was way too long an I thought it was borin an silly but you cried at the end though ye said ye didn’t an after it was over we started danderin home an on the way ye toul me ye thought the fillum was dead romantic the way he gave up his life for her at the end an that when we first started goin out you thought I was romantic an said nice things t-ye all the time an bought ye books that wid talked about an wee silly bangles an hair clips an girly stuff that I knew ye liked an in a way I swept you off your feet but then ye said I wasn’t like that anymore now wid been goin out for ages an all I wanted t-do nowadays was get pished an watch fillums an sit in front of the TV all night watchin whatever shite was on an tha wi didn’t even shag that much anymore an then I got all moody an you called mi Victor Meldrew an then said I was turnin inta mi da an I was even gettin a beer gut like his then I lost the plot an told you te go an find someone else then someone who could afford te buy ye things all the time an take ye out te all the fancy new pubs an clubs that were openin all over the town an your new fella might even be able te fuck ye as much as ye wanted cause ye were a nympho anyway…

‘Like a Fillum’ was published in the Northern Ireland literary magazine ‘Ulla’s Nib #4’ Summer 2008.


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