Learning to Float

Anthony ‘Tonto’ Mullen stood at the edge of the high embankment and gazed down into the water below. The swing, which hung from the outstretched branches of the chestnut tree beside him, moved heavily in the wind; describing a lazy figure eight above the slow flowing river. The morning sun dappled the murky green water with dancing light and threw shards of silver onto a rusted pram, which lay half-submerged in the silt and slime of the riverbed. Tonto hawked up some phlegm from deep in his throat, rolled the soft oyster around his mouth, then spat towards the thick, brown rope of the swing, hoping to hit it. He missed and swore to himself…


‘Learning to Float’ was published in the short story anthology ‘Late-Night River Lights’ from Edit Red Books in 2008.

The anthology is available to buy from amazon.co.uk at the link below:


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