3 Poems

Three poems, ‘Back to Basics’ , ‘The Simple Things’ & ‘Damaged’ were published in the Northern Irish literary magazine ‘Ulla’s Nib,’ in 2009. Here are the three poems:


Back to Basics


My computer died

today. I don’t mind

too much, though. I’ve

grown tired of the Information

Superhighway, & all

I really need is some

paper, a pen, a

woman to love me then

break my heart, &

then I’ll be able to

write again. Yes, then

I’ll be able to write





The Simple Things


I take pleasure in the simple things:


The first cigarette after breakfast.

The steam from a fresh cup of coffee on my face.

Building a fire on a cold autumn day, then

a well-cooked meal in the evening.


A lazy walk along the towpath.

Shifting clouds in the silver sky.

Leaves drifting down from the trees

as I walk to work in the cold.


Watching a woman walk with grace in the street.

The feel of rain on my face.

The memory of your laughter in my ear.

Putting down my truth in words.


I take pleasure from the simple things:


& when I add the simple things together,

as one would string a necklace of pearls,

I might find that I have fashioned

what can perhaps be called a life again.





I desire the damaged ones,

those whom I cannot fix

but who help break me.




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