First DJ set

On Saturday 1st October I had the opportunity to do my first ever DJ set at Belfast’s best club, Palookaville. I did the opening hour before the real DJ’s took over. A few people asked me what certain tracks were, so below is the playlist for the evening.

Many thanks to the Palookaville DJ’s, Joe & Kenny, for the opportunity. If you haven’t been to Palookaville, do. It’s a wonderful night. You can find them on facebook (link below):

Palookaville Facebook page

DJ Jimmy Tweeds’ setlist

Taiyou Ga Kowi No — Kaoru Hibiki

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang — Bruno Nicolai

Let’s Go Baby (Where the Action Is) — Robert Parker

Cool Jerk — The Capitols

Daddy Rolling Stone — Derek Martin

Give Him A Great Big Kiss — The Shangri-Las

Mickey’s Monkey — Smokey Robinson & the Miracles

I Can’t Believe What You Say — Ike & Tina Turner

All Grown Up (alternate version) — The Crystals

Swingin’ School — Bobby Rydell

Cherry Bomb — the Runaways

Complicated — The Rolling Stones

The Word — The Beatles

Ticket to Ride — Cyril Stapleton

Yama Yama — Yamasuki

Spinning Wheel — Peggy Lee

Love Potion No.9 — the Coasters

Rouge-Rouge — Christie Laume

Who Do You Love — The Woolies

Everybody’s Gonna Be Happy — The Kinks

Troubled Mind — The Buff Medways

Roller Girl — Anna Karina

I Can Only Give You Everything — Them

Biff Bang Pow! — The Creation

Ice in the Sun — Status Quo

Boys Are Boys & Girls Are Choice — The Monks

Honey Bee (Let’s Fly to Mars) — Grinderman

Sabotage — The Beastie Boys

*** Photo by Ronan O’Donnell


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