Don’t Get Me Wrong

arrivals dont get me


Music: “Don’t Get Me Wrong” by Anthony Toner. 

Two friends, AMY and IRINA, stand around a tall table in a city centre bar drinking and chatting. Both are smartly dressed. AMY is quite animated, using her hands expressively as she talks. IRINA is more reserved: there is a stillness about her. At STAGE BACK is a tall bar stool.

AMY: So I’m pulling Sniffer by the lead. You know how he is, always with his nose in something. It’s cold out, and I want to get home. And this man, this Irish man, comes walking past. And he says (in broad Belfast accent), “Alright love, you taking your dinner for a walk?”

IRINA: My God!

AMY: I know! He didn’t even stop. He just kept walking, laughing to himself.

IRINA: So rude. They think they’re so funny. Always the comedians.

ENTER MICHAEL, a little ‘merry.’ He wears an overcoat over a suit which is a little small for him, a shirt and black tie. He is carrying a pint in one hand and a whiskey in the other.

He notices the two women, thinks about approaching them, hesitates, then takes a seat on the tall bar stool. This happens as the women’s conversation continues below.

AMY: I was so angry with him. I’m not Korean. You can tell I’m Chinese if you look. I’m stylish, I wear smart clothes.

IRINA: It’s the same at the hospital. They always presume I’m Polish. Patients, porters, even the other doctors when they first meet me. Then when I tell them I come from Bucharest, they hear Budapest. The world must be so small to them. Always looking in, never looking out…

Running time: @ 17 minutes.

“Don’t Get Me Wrong” was first performed as part of Terra Nova Productions with Accidental Theatre’s ‘Arrivals’ at the Crescent Arts Centre, Belfast, from 12-15 February 2014, with further performances at the Ards Arts Centre, Newtownards, February 19; Riverside Theatre, Coleraine, February 20; Market Place Theatre, Armagh, February 21; Down Arts Centre, Downpatrick, February 22. 

Amy was played by Michelle Yim, Irina by Cristina Catalina, Michael by James Doran & ‘G’ by Raj Bajaj.

“Don’t Get Me Wrong” was written by James Meredith and directed by Andrea Montgomery with a score by Anthony Toner. 

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