Drawers of Sand by Laurian Lodoaba & James Meredith

2 lodoaba meredith (2)‘Drawers of Sand,’ a two poet collection by Laurian Lodoaba & James Meredith was published in July 2014 by Romanian publishing house Editura Timpul.


Alongside a selection of my haiku, senryu & tanka, the anthology features the following poems:

1,000 Hummingbirds (first published in ‘Speech Therapy’ Ireland)

All This Useless Information I Carry In My Head (first published in ‘Speech Therapy’ Ireland)

Community Relations (first published in ‘BT1: A New Poets Code’ Ireland)

Lilac (first published in ‘BT1: A New Poets Code’ Ireland)

Desirée (first published in ‘The Black Mountain Review’ Ireland)

Knocking On (first published in ’34th Parallel’ USA)

Insomnia (first published in ’34th Parallel’ USA)

Accepting Beauty Where You Find It (first published in ’34th Parallel’ USA)

Tanka after Akikio Yosano





What Remains (first published in ‘FourXFour Poetry Journal’ Ireland)

Marking Time (first published in ‘Century City’ Ireland)

Sunflowers (after William Blake) (first published in ‘City Smells: Anthology’ Edit Red Books, Europe)

Back To Basics (first published in ‘Ulla’s Nib’ Ireland)

The Simple Things (first published in ‘Ulla’s Nib’ Ireland)

Damaged (first published in ‘Ulla’s Nib’ Ireland)

Leda (first published in ‘Black & Blue’ UK)

Journey (first published in ‘Moment: Anthology’ Ireland)

Interlude (first published in ‘Abridged: 0-34: In Blue’ Ireland)


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