Music: ‘Secrets’ by Anthony Toner.

Lights up on ANGELA and PATRICK, standing. Both are dressed in black.

They regard the audience, for a time.


ANGELA:      It was so cold up on the hill. A bitter wind. But the sun was shining, all the same. Patrick held my hand all through the prayers. His hand was so warm. It was comforting.

I watched the priest. The steam coming from his breath as he spoke. I barely listened to the words.

As they lowered her into the grave I looked away.

From where we stood I could see the rooftops of the estate where I’ve lived most of my life. Where mum lived all of hers.

Patrick squeezed my hand.


PATRICK:     It was fucking Baltic. I wished I’d brought a warmer coat. I didn’t know the weather would be this… different. London’s warmer in the spring. Ireland’s bloody cold. Grey. Fucking miserable.

I’d never been to a Catholic funeral before. The service was depressing. I sat in the church feeling out of place.

All those white faces.

Angela asked me if I would help carry the coffin. ‘Would you take a turn?’ she said. This woman who I’d never even met.

This woman my dad…

His dirty little…

The coffin was so light. Like it had feathers in it instead of a body.

It was even colder up at the cemetery. The wind. Jesus! I wanted to stick my hands in my pockets but Angela held on to me and wouldn’t let go.

Tears streaming down her face.

She looks a bit like him. Around the eyes, mostly.

My father.

Our father…


Running time: @ 15 minutes.


“Secrets” was first performed as part of Terra Nova Productions with Accidental Theatre’s ‘Arrivals 2’ at the Crescent Arts Centre, Belfast, from 11-14 March 2015, with further performances at Strand Arts Centre, East Belfast, March 15; Riverside Theatre, Coleraine, March 18; Playhouse, Derry, March 20; Market Place Theatre, March 21; Down Arts Centre, Downpatrick, March 22; The Courtyard Theatre, Newtownabbey, March 25; Old Courthouse, Antrim, March 26; Ards Art Centre, Newtownards, March 27; Island Arts Centre, Lisburn, March 28. 

Angela was played by Melissa Dean. Patrick was played by Robert Bertrand.

“Secrets” was written by James Meredith and directed by Andrea Montgomery with a score by Anthony Toner. 





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