Convorbiri Literare


I have a 5 tanka sequence & two 5 haiku sequences published in translation in the latest issue of ‘Convorbiri Literare,’ a Romanian literary journal. Many thanks to Dr. Iacob Olimpia for the translation work.


Tanka sequence


lay aside my book

& laze eyes closed on the bed

as church bells chime through

blissful drift of memory—

languorous summer Sunday.


my tongue parts your lips

traces, strokes, makes figure eights,

dips & dances free—

trapped in the hairs of my beard

the scent of concupiscence.


your smile is like a

baby’s fist wrapped around the

thumb of a stranger

the purity of your trust

as your soft touch guides me in.


our clothes on the floor

& us naked on the bed

fusing nerves & flesh

even our breath united

in pure joyful noise.


when we move apart

our skin resists the leaving

aches for the joining

to endure, longs to linger

on the plain of completion.


Haiku sequence


frost on the doorstep ~

undressing in the bedroom

a thousand leaves fall


talking through the night

until lips meet in a kiss ~

red ribboned sunrise


cheap cotton panties

mismatched bra on porcelain skin ~

the pretty redhead


flame red on pale skin

the ghost of her underwear ~

autumn leaves burning


as the door closes

a vague longing left behind ~

two sparrows in flight


Haiku sequence


insolent eye stare

challenging me to seduce ~

your mouth like bruised fruit


the curve of your ass

the slight swell of your belly ~

the moon & the sun


your young smooth dark limbs

wrapped around my ageing form ~

autumn turns to spring


long nights making love ~

clouds drifting across the moon

the pattern of dreams


sleep filled with dreaming ~

sweeping up the fallen leaves

I am young again


Click link below to access my page, with the poetry in Romanian.

Convorbiri Literare JAMES MEREDITH


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