Acolada September 2015

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I have 4 tanka and 16 haiku/senryu published in translation in the latest issue (September 2015) of Romanian Literary journal ‘Acolada.’

Many thanks to Dr. Iacob Olimpia for the translation work.

Click link below for a free pdf of the issue.


4 Tanka


my insomnia

stretches hours spent without you

I stay up past dawn

thinking of you far away

& curse days of summer rain


lying on my bed

gazing at the rain falling

on skylight window

I imagine you astride me

as I rise upwards


hands holding my hands

as they cup your tender breasts

exquisite movement

as you quiver above me

your body taut as a bow


we will meet again

but until then let us recall

the long nights of spring

when we were almost lovers

moments away from joining


16 Haiku / Senryu


burning my notebooks

in a fire in the garden

sparks fly upward


ease me inside you

trembling like an autumn leaf

I am lost, again


your soft hands trembling

on the waistband of my jeans

precious memory


a wheatgrass vodka

to calm my turbulent mind

another might help


feeling it again

this pain as old as the world

another love lost



illusion gives birth

to absent realities ~

your dark mystery


in silent shadows

I see your dark mystery ~

lonely afternoon


I fall into sleep

in dreams I lie by your side

morning comes too soon


the land between us

the sea which separates us

bridged only by dreams


the July rains fall

as I count weeks without you

a blue moon above


the summer rain falls

washing away foolish tears

autumn in my heart


the bench where we kissed

is covered in fallen leaves

autumn come again


what keeps me from sleep?

the sight of the waning moon

from my closed window


as the sun rises

spider webs catch morning mist ~

these diamond days


in the autumn wind

her hair dancing like seaweed

on the shores of home



like two flightless birds

bathed in hard light of morning

this joyless coupling






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