Semne – November 2015


I have 4 poems published in translation in the latest issue (November 2015) of Romanian Literary journal ‘Semne,’ under the auspices of the Writers’ Union of Romania.

Many thanks to Dr. Iacob Olimpia for the translation work.

Click link below for a free pdf of the issue. The poetry appears on pages 65 – 66.  The poems can be read in English below.


jim semne



Bend your ear & listen closely

to the murmur of my heart.


A hummingbird has built her

nest there made from feathers,

leaves & thistledown.


I feel her wings thrum each

time you draw near.


Lie with me, we’ll tease the

nectar from our loins & feed

honey to her young.


First published in Lagan Press online: Poetry Originals (Ireland)




In the limbo between

dream & awakening I slip

inside the gathering

of your embrace.


Your sleep warm skin

cleaving fast to me

I am lost in a

revery of want.


First published in Lagan Press online: Poetry Originals (Ireland)




All winter long we

sowed seeds, nested.


Melded to one another we

battled the cold as our days

shortened with the nights.


With the seasons’ thaw came

an untangling.


We awoke upon a different dawn

highlighting the paucity of our need.


Come summer all that remained were

fingerprints on the dusty shelves & a

palm print on the mirror.


After the Harvest


Forgotten detritus

in the depths of

Dionysus’ heart: the

dried petals of a rose

& an apple core, the

ghost of a song played

on a lyre.


First published in Tellus #5 (UK


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